Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Review: Urban Decay Brow Box

Hey guys so today i thought i would do a review of my most recent makeup purchase. A few weeks ago i went into Debenhams, i was planning to buy the benefit brow zings however i thought that even the lightest colour was too dark for my eyebrows and it is quite expensive at £23.50. So i went to the Urban Decay section and looked there i had been looking at both products for a while just wasn't sure when or where i would buy it. I ended up purchasing the Urban Decay brow box in the colour light for £17 which is still pricey but i knew it would be of good quality due to owning the Naked palette. 

The brow box comes with two powders, on the left there is a dark brown and the right a lighter brown which is most worn. I feel that these will last a long time as i have used it everyday for the past two weeks and i've only made a tiny dent. The brow box also comes with a brush and mini tweezers, i feel that these are essential. The tweezers are small but i find this helpful as it is easy to pluck any hairs. The brush is also good quality and is very precise when using. 
Underneath is a drawer which holds a wax, im not sure if this is a good wax as i have nothing to compare it to but from using it i know that my brows stay in  place all day and do not move. As you can see i have made a large dent in this from using, i feel that this will run out faster than the powder but i dont think its essential to use everyday. 

right brow=product left brow= no product

As you can see from the photo the product is noticeable but it does not emphasize that you have filled in your brows, i think this is a brilliant product and now i feel i need to do my eyebrows. Thank you for reading, 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Top Eight Nail Polishes For Summer

Hey Lovlies, As you may know I love nail polish. I pretty much change my nail colour everyday and I love doing different patterns on my nails. I think any season is a great time to wear nail polish and I love all the different colours you can wear. Here are my favourite of the summer months...

This is just a picture of all the nailpolishs, I really like all the colours but this season I have been loving blue's and corals especially. I also love to do an accent nail which is usually a glittery top coat. I really love bright colours in the summer as they are eye-catching and stand out.

Barry M Gelly- Greenberry: I have already reviewed this product on my NOTD post but I really love this nail polish and I think it is my most worn polish over the summer month. I really like the finish it gives and also love how it does not look streaky and it stands out. It's such a pretty colour and is perfect for summer.

Barry M- Pink Flamingo: This was my first shade of nail polish by Barry M and still love it. It's a lovely bright pink and its also a stand out colour. It's also a very girly colour and in my opinion looks lovely in the sun and with a tan. This is probably my favourite colour. 

Avon nail wear pro- (dont have the name, but it's a glittery lilac): I'm really annoyed that the name of this polish has faded but it's such a long lasting polish, I need to talk about it. It's such a pretty colour, i'm not the biggest fan of lilac but its a colour that's been coming into style this month and I actually really like it on my nails. There is also a hint of pink shimmer in the polish and it also looks nice over brighter coats. You have to apply about 2/3 coats to make it just like the colour in the bottle but it's a great nail polish and does not chip easily.

Essie- Ballet Slippers: This is a nail polish I bought because Miss Glamorazzi spoke about it in one of her favourite videos a few moths ago. I got this for Christmas but I really like light nail polishes in the spring and summer. This is such a pretty girly colour and I think it goes with every outfit. It's also long lasting but it takes about 3 coats to make it as opaque as what is in the bottle. Overall, I really love this nail polish.

O.P.I- Shorts Story: This nail polish was given to me from Hayley for my birthday and I have to say she can read me like a book. I love this colour so much, it's also the first O.P.I nail polish I had got and I think they are amazing. To get a brilliant colour you only need to apply one coat and it looks amazing. It's long lasting and gives such a nice finish once painted to. I really think the quality of these nail polishes are amazing and are worth every penny. It's a bright colour too which looks great in the sun. I also think the name of this nail polish is really cute.

O.P.I- Pink Yet Lavender: This was another nail polish given to me from Hayley. I love glitter and again this colour is amazing and so pretty. I love the sparkles and love putting it on as a top coat with other nail polish's it also last's long and it's not chunky like what some glittery nail polishes are like. It's smooth and long lasting and looks amazing in the sun. I especially love wearing this on top of the Barry M- Greenberry or the OPI Shorts Story.

Essie- Sunday Funday: When I went to Tenerife this year I bought an Essie Nail polish from one of thier summer collections. It's a coral shade with small silver sparkles in it but they are very small but look lovely in the light. Its a long lasting polish and applies easily, I also really like the essie brushes because they are a bit wider than others with means they are quicker to apply and I feel more paint actually goes on your nails and it's not as streaky. I think this is also a perfect colour for summer and will be using it again non-stop next summer. 

Mavala- Blue Mint: I got this colour from my auntie and uncle at Christmas time and love it. It's a very pretty colour and stands out, it's also long lasting and does not chip as much as other nail polishes I have. It's a colour that's very cute and stands out. It's easy to apply and so it's an all round perfect nail polish. I've never tried this brand before but I really like it and I think i'll be looking into buying other nail polishes by the same name. 

Thank You. I really like doing post and would love if you commented some feedback or improvements for future posts. Also, please leave a comment telling us-


Thank you again, 

Monday, 29 July 2013

July Favourites!

Hey guys, as its coming to the end of July i thought i would do a favourites for you.

First of is my bicycle scarf, i got this from a boutique at The Royal Highland Show. This is a Scottish event that happens once a year where farmers enters competitions to get prizes. However there is a lot of shops selling different items such as furniture, clothes, food and farm equipment. I bought this for £8 which i thought was a good deal as it is good quality and in high street shops may be at about £15.

The second is my rose gold spike necklace, i got this in February from my local Topshop. Im a sucker for their jewelry and had been eyeing this piece for a while. It was £10 which i thought was quite expensive for a necklace however i have gotten lots of wear out of it and it was worth it.

As you may know from my Holiday Haul i bought two ESSIE nail polishes. However i only featured the one that has been most used/worn. 'Naughty Nautical' as it is called is such a lovely teal/aqua colour with a very hint of silver shimmer through it. I find it a very good summer colour and have worn it at least 4 times this month.

You have also seen the Urban Decay brow box in my How Much Does My Face Cost?  and although i only bought it two weeks ago i feel that it is now a key item in my makeup collection. This eyebrow box was £17 which i thought was expensive but the colours are very pigmented and it also comes with mini tweezers + brush and there is also a gel underneath. After using this i feel that my face is not complete without doing my eyebrows.

In April my friends and i gave Rachel 'Hoola' bronzer from Benefit as she had been wanting it after seeing so many reviews, but i didnt think i couldn't justify spending £23.50 on a bronzer for myself when i had never used one or knew if i would suite it as i have a light skin tone. However I seen so many reviews on Bourjois bronzers that i thought i would buy one of them as it was only £8.99. I feel it is very workable and can be built up however i feel i need to get a more angled brush to apply it with.

Before going on holiday i bought a sea salt spray as i've seen so many good reviews about them and i wouldnt be using many heating tools. I purchased the loreal from Boots for just £3.49 which i thought was a good deal but i wasnt sure the outcome of the product. First time i used it the outcome was poor due to my hair being to damp however on the second time i blow dryed my hair and then used it and it worked giving my hair more volume and waves.

In the summer i get lazy and don't wash my hair everyday so i have been using dry shampoo. I bought the dry shampoo at the same time as buying the sea salt spray and Boots were running a buy one get one half price. I had used Batiste dry shampoo before but this time i got the exotic scent and it smells like coconut and pineapple reminding me of summer and Hawaii. 

Thank you for reading my favourites hope you enjoyed it and if you have done July favourites please link below, 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Things That Make Me Happy #2

Hey Lovelies! Yay, this is the next Things That Make Me Happy and I really like doing these types of posts as it's quite fun. I also love reading these posts so please leave a comment below if you do them and i'd love to read them. Now moving on to the post...

I seen these shorts on Tumblr and thought that they were so pretty, I really like all the colours and the pattern in general. I swear if I had these shorts I would never take them off. They also look really flow'y' which makes me think that this is a skirt but the post said it was a pair of shorts. So i'm not going to question them, look gorgeous either way. 

Ok, now i'm going to let my inner geek out. This is so cool, if anyone watches star wars then you'll know what this is! I think this so cool and looks so tasty, I love cherries and fruit in general but more importantly I LOVE CHOCOLATE. 

After watching This Means War, I have fallen in love with Chris Pine all over again, he's so lovely.

Ahh, the royal baby! You can't put a things that make me happy post without including this, look at them together. Everyone was so happy about the birth especially my mum- she's obsessed with the Royal Family.


I love this girls hair and dress, I would love to do my hair like this but it just falls out and also it takes quite a long time to do. It's also such a nice colour.

Ok, now lets just take a minute. The new one direction music video. It was so good and it made me laugh so much. Harry as Marcel = cute. The song is so catchy and it's great to dance to (even if you can't dance- like me)

Thanks for reading everyone, I really like doing these types of posts. Please comment below if you liked it and also what is something that has made you happy this week?

Friday, 26 July 2013

Louise's Wish List

As its nearly August, I class this as being able to wear more winter clothes and boots so I made a wish list of some of the items I would like to buy for my autumn/winter wardrobe.

1. Brown lace up boots
I had a pair like this last year however they were more of a beige colour and suede material. I wore them when it was raining and they got ruined so I thought some like this may be better. I would prefer a leather or fake leather material, at least them being waterproof. I think these have a vintage feel and look very classic.

2. Toms
I have a grey pair of toms at the moment and let's just say they have been well worn. I was hoping to buy a new pair to take on my summer holidays but I put my money into other items as I am bit of a shoe-holic and a new pair were not needed. However I find that I could get a neutral colour and include them in autumn/winter.

3. Jacket
I don't usually enjoy wearing jackets but I just find that wearing this jacket would be lovely. The colour is so nice and quite neutral that it could match a lot. However the fur on the hood is the bit that just attracts me to the coat, on a cold day just pulling the hood up, bliss.

4. Bag
As it is nearly back to school I'm looking for a new bag. Obviously I wouldn't get a Michael Korrs, but Im looking at bags that's of similar style/size. I seen one in River Island but it was £40 and I don't think I could justify paying that for a school bag.

5. Brown Chelsea Boots
yes this is the second pair of boots in this post - I know im sorry.  I have a pair of black Chelsea boots that I wear for school but I just think that brown boots are must nicer and more chic and can be worn with a lot of different outfits.

6. Lipstick
As you know from my lipstick tag from a few days ago, I have quite a lot of lipstick. However most of it is bright summer colours so I thought maybe I could get more darker colours.

7. Skirts
usually my in autumn/winter I wear jeans - very boring. However I would like to wear more skirts and pair these with boots. This would also brighten my wardrobe as skirts are available in lots of different colours. I would especially like a maroon or dark orange circle skirt. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I'm wanting at the moment, please leave comments/feedback and any requests for upcoming posts.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

NOTD: Barry M Gelly- Greenberry

Louise and I love doing our nails and we thought that this post was a great idea. This is the first nail of the day post and expect a lot more in the future. 

Barry M Gellies is a very popular nail polish, the colour i'm wearing is called Greenberry. I love them. It's my go-to nail polish this summer and I think it will be a favourite of mine for a long time.
First of all, the colour is great for summer as its really bright and eye-catching (I think it goes nice with a tan). It's a lovely turquise colour but can look more blue or green in different lights. It's really easy to apply and it drys very quickly.The quality of the nail polish is also great because it lasts a long time before chipping and it gives a nice glossy finish. For the best  finish I think you should do two coats just to make it more opaque and stand out. As far as I know this colour does not stain your nails but I know that the normal Barry M red does so maybe I would have to buy a darker colour to try that out. I quite fancy trying the watermelon shade.

There is a wide variety of shades and I am definitely going to be buying more and for £3.99 it's an amazing price. Also there are also lots of Barry M deals on nail polishes during the year, mostly 3 for 2. Usually with the normal Barry M's to get a bright colour like this you need to apply quite a few coats in order for it to be bright and then I feel that it tends to come of more easily and takes longer to dry, so these nail polishes are great at solving that problem. 
Thank you for reading. Please let us know in the comments if you liked this post and any other Barry M Gelly recommendations?  What's your favourite summer nail polish? 


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Review: Louise's hair dye

As some of you may know i dip dyed my hair just last week. I thought i would give you a review on the two different products i used.

First i used the Colour Xtreme in colour bubblegum blue, I purchased this from my local Sally's. This was only £6.50 out of sally's however i had to use it three times to get the intense colour i was going for. I thought this wasnt as great as it should be. The picture below shows how bad the product is after three washes. On the side of the bottle it said it should last 6-8 washes.

The second time i thought i should dye over the blue/teal as it looks horrible and some what moldy. The second time i used Schwarzkopf live color XXL from boots in the colour raspberry rebel however there was a ray of different colours i could of chose from . This was only £4.50 and was a much better dye than the colour xtreme one. As you can see below the colour is more intense and that was after the first time of dying it. I was very happy with this product as it was cheaper than the other and had better results.

hope you enjoyed todays review

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

If I Could Only Have One Tag

I've been following new blogs and looking through some posts and I stumbled across this tag that was done by lipgloss lily and thought it looked really interesting. I also really love doing tags so this was perfect. 

If I could only have one...

It would have to be the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. I don't wear foundations a lot because i have this weird fear that if I put loads on my skin could get really bad. Ever since I got this foundation I feel a bit more confident. It's light on the skin which is perfect for me and it blends really well and gives a nice finish. It also has no harsh chemicals and I've not broken out from it. I use the shade ivory.

Setting Powder
It would have to be Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder. I was watching a video by Macbarbie07 and she said it was great at keeping foundation and concelear on for a long time, so I bought it. I'm still really happy with it. I've got naturally dry skin but this powder does not make my skin look bad at all. The colour that I use is 004 sandstorm. 

This is a difficult one because I love blush, I think it can make your face look so much more healthy and awake. This is hard (AHH!) but if I had to pick one it would be Dandelion by Benefit, it's a great colour for any time of the year and I think it adds a nice highlight to your cheeks. It's also a lovely colour and looks great on every skin type. It also smells amazing- I know that sounds weird. I also really love Hervana by Benefit it's a little more pigmented and it's a lovely colour on the cheeks too.

This is such a raved about product but I love the collection 2000 concealer  It's brilliant and covers dark circles and blemishes very well without looking too heavy on the skin. It's also only £4.19 which is a great price for an incredible concealer. The only problem is that the writing on the packaging tends to fade very quickly. Since I've been on holiday both these shades don't suit my skin but usually I tend to be Light 1 or Light 2.

Would have to be Maybelline gel eyeliner. It comes with a brush and gel eyeliner and I love it. It's really easy to apply and it's very easy to work with, the eye liner lasts a long time and you can pretty much create any look with it. This is black but my Gran has the blue and that tends to look a bit more darker and just as nice.

 Benefit they're real, another raved about product. I have really small eye lashes but when you put this mascara on it looks amazing, there are never any clumps and it makes eyelashes look longer instantly. I also love how they are long but create volume at the same time. They also reach the very small lashes too and makes your eyes look bigger.

This was also a hard one but I would have to pick my Dior lipgloss I bought this last month and I have no stopped wearing it. It's glossy which I love but it's not sticky and it makes lips look fuller. It's also a really nice colour and for me it goes with everything. This is in the shade 453 Dolly Pink.

Thanks for reading this post, it was really fun to do. If you have any tips to make our posts better please leave a comment below or tell us what your one thing is. I tag everyone to do this but especially Hayley and Alice. Thanks again for reading, 

Monday, 22 July 2013

The Lipstick Tag

Hey guys! Louise here for you today, im really into lipsticks and thought this was a very suitable tag for me to do.

How many lipsticks do you own?
I own 13 - not including my missing Revlon lip stain in flame.

What was your first ever lipstick?
I remember being given a makeup set for Christmas one year from Marks and Spencers, so one of them.

What is your most worn lipstick?
I didnt used to be into bold lipstick as much as i am now, but i used to be a big nude fan. Im not sure what brand it is as it has worn off, but here's a picture of my most worn lipstick.

What is your favourite finish?
I really like matte finishes, however most of mine are creme.

What was the last lip product you bought?
I bought Mac - Costa Chic lipstick in April. 

How many glosses and balms do you currently have in your handbag?
Im not really a big fan of glosses and i don't particularly touch up my makeup a lot, so i only have the mint EOS lip balm in my handbag. 

What lipstick do you wear to rock a red lip?
I usually wear one of my Revlon lip stains, Gothic is more of a dark colour where as Flame is a bright red.

How do you store your Lipsticks?
I store the more high end and most worn ones in a make up bag on my vanity, and the others are in a box in my make up drawer.

What lip products are you currently lusting after?
I would like to buy Mac's Chatterbox, Impassioned, See sheer or Creme cup. I also would like to try a Rimmel London Apocolips in either Apocoliptic or Luna.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, i tag everyone. Louise xxx

Sunday, 21 July 2013


It was Louise's mum's birthday on Saturday and to celebrate she had a Birthday BBQ. We wanted to do this post to show you the outfits we wore- along with our friend Rachel. 

Louise is wearing a lovely top from New look, which has an aztec print using blue,black,white and red. I really like the crochet flower detailing on the back. She is also wearing dark denim shorts from primark and black havaianas. Louise also dip dyed her hair blue recently (it is now PINK) so I thought that looked very nice, her hair was curly which looked very natural and pretty.

I wore a pink skirt that has a floral pattern on it from Forever 21, I really liked the light colour. I also wore a crop top from river island (which Louise picked) and my shoes are also from river island too. 

Our friend Rachel looked lovely, she wore a top from Primark with different coloured butterflies and it was bright and appropriate for summer. She then wore raspberry shorts from New Look and some sandals from Clarks.

I wore my favourite two rings, ones pandora and the other was one I bought in Tenerife but I cant remember the brand name (I'll search it up though) I then wore a bracelet from Primark and for a joke i wore my one direction wrist band :')

Rachel also wore some lovely jewelry, she wore some gorgeous anklets- one she bought on holiday and the other was a present from Louise. I also really loved the detail in the shoes - its really pretty. Her toenails also match her shorts which was really nice.

I've never done one of these posts before so if you have any feedback or help on what I should do better please leave a comment below, also what's everyones plans for the summer. Hope you enjoyed reading this, thanks bye. Rachel and Louise xxx

Things That Make Me Happy

Hey everyone, after seeing this post on our friends Hayley's blog (check it out here - its amazing) we really wanted to do it, it looks really fun and maybe some fellow bloggers will like the same things. All the images i've found could be found on google, tumblr, weheartit or pintest. 

I think bows in people's hair is so cute. I think it looks nice when the bow matchs the outfit. It's just a little accessory that really completes a look. 

I'm always trying to look for cute rings like this but the ones I find are a bit edgy and chunky for me. I have really thin long fingers so I have to have a small ring and this one looks small, cute and dainty. Louise doesn't like this ring though :(

How cool is this? I like eggs but if they looked like this that would just be amazing. I need to find these, they look adorable.

Louise and I have been watching The Carrie Diary's its so good but can we just take a minute to look at him, he's gorgeous. I don''t know how many times Louise and I have reblogged this on tumblr. 

And then there's little Ezra for all you Pretty Little Liars fans, he's so cute. I love Ezra so much! I also love when a new pretty little liars episode comes out too, that makes me super happy! 

These nails are so nice, i really like how the ring finger has a lovely floral pattern its so pretty and simple. I really like the pink and I think these nails would match any outfit. Love them!

I love this picture and the quote too. I would love to travel and this picture makes me want to so much.

I would love to go to New York, my family and I are going for my 18th and I can't wait. I know so many places I want to visit... and shop.

Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions or tips to make the blog a little better please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you so much, xxx