Friday, 11 January 2013

Our Wishlist

Our Wishlist

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck - I have been listening to her new album 'RED' and my favourite songs so far are Starlight, State of Grace and Everything Has Changed which was co written with Ed Sheeran. I really admire her style and i think it shows on the bottle design. I find the smell very sweet and fruity.

Steve Madden Combat boots - I know its coming out of boot season but I've been wanting a pair like this for the last few months. I'm sure i'll get round to buying them sometime this year maybe near autumn as it will be going into the fall/winter season. I just think they are a staple item and would match a lot of clothes in my wardrobe.

Pretty Little Liars - I have had an obsession with Pretty Little Liars ever since the show aired a couple of years ago, I have not yet been able to find the box set though. Pretty Little Liars has just came back on the television after taking a long break and I think it's amazing. The show is so gripping and you really develop a relationship with the characters. Your'e basically shouting at the TV most of the time! If you have never watched Pretty Little Liars I would recommend it.

Essie Watermelon - Ever since Ingrid posted a video featuring this nail polish I have been obsessed with it. However, the nearest Essie counter in my area is in Edinburgh so I have not been able to get it. I love Essie nail polishes, they last a long time and look lovely on the nails. This colour looks stunning and hopefully I can buy it soon.

Naked Basics - I've been looking into buying the naked palette as it is a very popular item in the beauty community. However, I think it would be a waste as I already have a similar neutral palette from Avon. So I'm thinking on buying the naked basics palette which has a variety of colours and I could make different eye looks using the both palettes.

Naked 2 - So this isn't confusing this is Rachel's opinion. After getting the first palette in the summer I have been really intrigued to try the naked 2, it has some cooler tones compared to the original Naked and it also features a black which would be perfect for smokey eyes. There are also a lot of colours that can be worn all the time too and the palette's packaging looks lovely.

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch - I've seen quite a lot of fakes by shops such as river island I actually think they look quite nice. Michael Kor's has been a real statement for a while now in the beauty community and I would love to get one. However, they are a lot of money and I'm probably the most clumsy person you will ever meet. The watch looks so pretty though!

Mulberry Alexa Bag - I think these bags are so old fashioned and classic. I will never be able to afford one but i think they are so nice and would match everything. The bag also comes in multiple colours but i would have to either choose between the brown or the pinkish colour.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - I've never been a big fan of bronzer but I've become known to how much of a big impact it can have and this is why I've added this to our wishlist. I think I may be purchasing this for summer as I feel I would use it more then then I would now. We both want to purchase this product so I think it may be a trip to the benefit counter for us in the next few months.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I know this isn't how people normally do them but i felt that I wanted to explain why each product was here. Love Rachel and Louise, xx

Friday, 4 January 2013

Snow Fairy Review

 Hey guys, its both of us today for our first review, how exciting. We're going to be reviewing the popular lush product Snow Fairy. Lush describes it as "Our winter temptress shower hair and body gel that’s bursting with fruit fragrance and has a sparkle of ice through it." 

Snow fairy is a very lovely product that can have different uses. It can be used as shower gel, bubble bath and even shampoo. I wouldn't particularly use it as a shampoo as It is pink in colour and has pearly iridescent shimmer running through it and also It has a very sweet smell that can be related to bubblegum.

This product however is only available in the run up to Christmas and the New Year sales. Unfortunately when we went in on the 27th of December to our local Lush store they had sold out of all sizes even before Christmas. 

We like it as we feel that there isn't a residue of chunky glitter left on your skin after you have used it. We feel It leaves a very nice thin layer of shimmer which is very appealing. We look forward to Christmas as that is one of our favourite scents and which we now both relate to Christmas as it is not available to purchase at any other time of the year.

You can purchase these all at lush, they come in different size of 100g, 250g and 500g. The smallest is £3.50, medium is around £6 and the large is around £10. 

This product is well known in the beauty community and we felt it was worthy of a review as we will be repurchasing it for years to come. Hope you liked our first review we shall post very soon, love Rachel and Louise, xx