Sunday, 3 March 2013

February Favourites

Hey everyone, sorry we have not posted in such a long time. It's because we have been busy with prelims and school but we're back now. Yay!
Firstly, we thought that we would return with a post that everyone loves- a favourites post. I know everyone says this but we just can't believe how quickly February has gone, wow. It was a really busy month for both of us.
Ok, now on with the favourites!

For hair, our most commonly used product would have to be anything by Aussie. We both use heat to style our hair, so in the long run it can get damaged. Not with this! The take the heat by Aussie shampoos and conditioners are incredible, they leave hair feeling fresh and soft too. We especially love the conditioner as it makes your hair feel so smooth and just gorgeous. Aussie is also always on a deal so we recommend you buy some. Its amazing!

Our next favourite would have to be this eco tools blush brush. It's
honestly so soft and worth the price. It's about £8 which makes it quite a bargain compared to high end brush's. It's not harsh against the skin, its really nice. It also blends blush very well.
Since we live in Scotland, its no surprise that the weather has not been great causing both our lips to become dry and chapped. Louise's uncle lives in America and sent Louise some EOS lip balms (She was kind enough to give Rachel one) and we love them. For a start they smell so good. They are also really moisturising on the lips and the packaging is super cute too. We love the pastel colours.

Again, another thing that makes our skin soft because of the horrible weather is the body shop body butters, they also smell amazing. They leave you smelling like fruits and also leave skin feeling great.

 This is our final favourite, its the benefit bad gal lash. It makes lashes look so much longer and they look amazing. Benefit mascaras are great and we both really want to try they're real. For the mean time though we still really like this one.  

Hope you enjoyed this we'll be posting soon, Rachel + Louise x