Sunday, 22 September 2013

September Music Favourites

First of all I'd like to apologise for our lack of posting, we started school mid august and that has been our main priority however I would like to say that we will be posting hopefully once a fort night. So now onto my favourite music of September.

Okay, first things first. In the last music post I talked about The 1975 and how there new album was coming out soon, well it's out and guess what? It's amazing. Favourite song is 'she way out' along with the ones mentioned in my other music favourites.

I also heard London Grammar for the first time this month. The songs 'Hey Now' and 'Wasting my Young Years' are my favourites but I also have a few others. These are definitely more chilled and relaxed songs.

Tom Odell. First time I heard/seen him was on the Brit awards at the start of this year. A few months after one of his songs was free on iTunes and that's when I started listening to him. I haven't got the full album but have got most of it, and his talent is extraordinary. You should all definitely check out the songs 'Sirens' and 'Grow Old With Me'.

And You Me At Six are back after a while. No denying but I have been stalking/keeping up with them when they were in LA and let me tell you I was so jealous of the house they were staying in, the big swimming pool and just everything. So 'Lived a Lie' came out and it's brilliant. 

 Arctics monkeys have also released there new album, I'm not that much of a fan however the song 'Do I Wanna Know?' is super and I love the sound of the instrumental.
And who can forget 'Best Song Ever' by One Direction. I will secretly admit that me and Rachel went to see the movie on the day it came it out and no denying it was great.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed this post and listen to some of the songs recommended,

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