Saturday, 10 August 2013

Youtuber Tag

So some of you may not know but Rachel and I are obsessed with youtube, especially british youtubers. 

Favourite Boy Youtuber?
Alfie Deyes aka Pointlessblogtv, how can you not? he's just lovely and ah.

Favourite Girl Youtuber?
Louise aka SprinkleofGlitter, she just seems so nice and i feel me and her would get on very well.

Favourite Video?
This is hard but i would have to say the CTFxC wedding. Everyone loves a wedding and theres was just fabulous.

Couple You Ship/Would Ship?
ZALFIE. Pointlessblogtv + Zoella

Youtuber that always makes you laugh?
There is an endless list for this answer but Marcus Butler or Shane Dawson.

Favourite Bromance?
Shane Dawson + Joey Graceffa. 

First Youtuber you ever watched?
Shane Dawson.

Favourite Collaboration?
Tyler Oakley + Marcus Butler specifically there fanfiction video or Sprinkle of Glitter and Zoella

Pair you wish would collaborate?
Zoella + Lindsey aka BeautyBaby44

Youtuber you've met?
Sadly none, but Rachel spoke about me on omegle to SprinkleofGlitter.

#1 youtuber you want to meet?

The biggest directioner youtuber?
Tyler Oakley.

Youtuber you'd swap bodies with?
Meghan Rosette.

Youtuber you best relate to?
A mixture of Louise + Zoella

Favourite Pictures of youtubers together?

Thank you for reading this and i hope you enjoyed. I tag all of you,


  1. Have you heard about Zalfie?! They've confirmed it! ^.^
    If you've not heard of Summer in the City you should deffo go next year! I'm going this year and am SO excited, hopefully I'll meet a quite a few of these people! xx

    1. Yeah we were so excited when we found out ah!:)
      I would love to go to Summer in the City but im not sure if i could afford it and i hope you have a lovely time you should do a blog post on who you met!


  2. I always thought Alfie's last name was just spelt Days hahaha!

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Yeah its a bit weird hahah!