Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Pretty Little Liars Tag

1. Favourite Character and why? 
Aria, I love her style and she's so unique too. I love how she's so creative and artsy and that she is also quite funny in scenes. I also like Aria's story-lines the best. 
2. Least favourite character and why?
I really hated Wilden, for a police officer he was really creepy and I did not like how he tryed to threaten Hannah's mum. I also don't like Melissa, I think she can be really mean to Spencer at times and I didn't like her when she was first introduced.
3. What's your A theories?
I think that there is an A team- that Mona used to be a part of. I think the members of the team are really close with the girls and some are hopefully trying to protect them. I also think that there is a leader of the A team and that could be Alison's twin- who wants revenge. I think that the show are sort of going along with the books in that way.
4. Favourite Couple?
Ezria, I loved them together and found there story lines really gripping. I talk to some of my friends about the show but they don't seem to like the Ezria story lines because they take away from the main show but I love them. Please let them get back together. 
5. Prettiest Liar?
I think it would be Aria, I love her hair.
6.Funniest Liar?
Hannah, no doubt!
7. Favourite quote(s)?
"people aren't dolls you can't just play with them and put them back in the box when you're done" and "you're leaving because it's easier to walk away than to fight for what you really want"
8. Do you love or hate Ali?
I love Ali- I honestly think she is looking out for the girls and trusted the wrong group of people which caused her to be killed. Even though she was mean to the girls I think it was deliberate so that they would become stronger. I think she's a brilliant character. 
9. Favoruite outfit so far?
10. Favourite scence/ moment?
When Aria runs after Ezra and they kiss in the school car park or when Ezra turns up at the masquerade ball and they dance together. I basically love any Ezria scene. I also loved when Mona revealed that she was on the A team, that was so gripping and it was such an amazing episode.
11. Jaria or Ezria?
12. Spoby or Spalex?
13. Character you miss?
I don't really miss any of the characters because the ones that have died are all really mean and not very nice. I'm so glad that they are not in the story anymore. I liked Maya but I really liked Emily and Paige so much so I'm kinda glad that she is gone in a way.
14. Hottest Character?
15. Favourite friendship between the liars?
I really like Spencer and Aria together, they are so funny. Team Sparia!
16. What do you think will happen next in the show?
I think they will try and find out how Alison was killed and who is the leader of the A team. I also think that someone really unexpected will be on the A team. I also hope that the all go to universities and stuff. 
17. Character with the best family?
I think Aria has the best family, I like her mum better than the others but I think her Dad is a little creepy. However, I like Emily's dad but think her mum is quite strict.
18. What would you steal from your favourite liar?
I would steal Aria's face, Hannah's Style, Spencer's intelligence and Emily's down to earth personality.
19. Worst scene/ moment?
The Ezria break up was horrible, so was the Haleb break up. The worst was when it was revealed that Toby was on the A team, that was a heartbreaking moment. 
20. Which character would you marry?
21.Which character do you want to become best friends with?
Aria or Hannah
22. Which Liars life is the most similar to yours?
Hannah because she likes to shop and likes fashion and so do I.
23. Which character would be your enemy?
I can see myself not liking Melissa because she is kinda mean and I just think that I would not get along with her. I also don't like Jenna and Shauna they are so creepy together and Jenna is just all round weird. She needs to leave the girls alone.
24. An unpopular opinion?
I didn't really like Maya, I didn't like how she was so rebellious and took drugs. She was also kinda mean to Emily at times even though they did have a good relationship. I think Paige cares about her so much more and Paige is nice and tries to protect Emily.
25. What do you think of Jenna and Melissa?
I don't really like them because they are mean but I do like how they make the show more gripping and interesting.
26. Favouite episode as a whole?
I think the season 2 finale was so good because I loved the masquerade theme. I love how Toby came back, how Ezra surprised Aria and how they found out that Mona was on the A team. It was just a brilliant episode as a whole.
27. If you were to pick an actor/ actress to be on the show, who would you pick and why?
I would love Zac Efron to be in it. I love him. Maybe he could be an older brother that could protect the girls and could watch out for them.
28. Theories for Ali's death, killer and killers reason to do it?
I think that Alison has a twin and that she killed the real Alison, there's just so many clues that make you think that she did have a twin sister. I think she killed her because there was a lot of fighting and they did not get along. I've not read the books but apparently one of them has a mental problem so maybe that's why the other twin killed Ali.
29. What is your opinion on Spoby, Haleb, Ezria and Paily?
30. What's been the scariest A moment?
I did not like when Ezra and aria were kissing in the car at Mona's party in season 1 and A was behind them writing on the car window. That creeped me out. I also did not like when Spencer was in the changing rooms and all the snakes came in, that was really terrifying.


  1. I didn't want to read all of these as i'm not up to date yet! I'm almost finished series 3! It's sooooo good tho, i love it so much! xx

  2. aww i agree so much, hope I didnt spoil it too much! So far season 4 is amazing! xxx

  3. I absolutely love Pretty Little Liars! Will definitely have to give this tag a go! Aria is my favourite character too and i love Ezria - in fact alot of our answers will be similar!

    Natalie xx

    1. You so should, It was actually quite fun don't want to sound to sad. I love Aria too, a lot of people like Hannah the best that i've spoke to but i think i like Aria the best. Ezra is lovely, if you do it let me know and i'll check it out xxx